Captains Log


1st December 2018


Wahoo! The warm season has officially hit... okay so the actual "warmth" hasn't arrive just yet but who doesn't like summer rain, right? Don't worry, we'll be trying to find ways to cool down in no time! 

Well, we are so excited that she is here and also we are so excited to annouce we have changed our permanent LOCATION!!! 


We are now on the beach, just a lazy drive down to the end of Wanliss Street, Rockingham. With a nice large carpark to park your vehicle, toilet facitilies right near by, beautiful playgrounds to let the kids have some fun, great picnic area with barbecues, to enjoy lunch and a very well cared for and family friendly beach that allows you to enjoy aquatic adventures with a peace of mind. It is one of the most beautiful family beaches in Western Australia... and Oarsome Hobbies is there to make your visit all that much more. You will see all our signage hung up around the streets just to give you extra guidance to the spot you will have the most fun this summer! 

Also the holiday season is upon us and we would just like to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season. Please remember the only gift our beaches want you to leave this Summer are happy memories and your footprints in the sand. 

Have a wonderful Summer and can't wait to see you out on the water. 

Peace out x 

29th August 2018


So there is a two days of winter left and yes, I admit it, I have been a little lazy on the updates of what's going on so let me sum it up in one sentence. Wind, rain and hails. What a winter! BUT the good news is there is only TWO DAYS LEFT and we are getting excited for the warmer weather and the SUP Season! 

We have loads of BIG changes, exciting news and so much more regarding SUP adventures, to offer you. Like Santas work shop, the Oarsome Hobbies SUP Elves are working around the clock so that we will hit the ground running as soon as the weather permits. 

This Summer is going to be the best one yet and to excite you, we are also working on a mad preview of what you can expect. 

Get exicted girls and boys, go forth, dust those bathers off, it's nearly SUP time and we have Oarsome plans in place with our first and foremost goal being that you have the best experience EVER!

Peace x

23rd February 2018


We have listened and delivered. After a few requests for us to actually show you what we can offer, we have started making short clips to let you see the going-ons out on the water with Oarsome Hobbies. 

We knocked up our first Oarsome Hobbies video, to give you an insight on a morning out with us (link below) This was just a lazy morning (yesterday in fact) we headed out for a cheeky paddle, with our client, to get in the cool big blue. 

Enjoy x 

26 January 2018


Oh we had a BIG weekend planned and events booked in and advertised all over the place... to have the weather BLOW US OUT! But not to worry. The kite surfers had an amazing weekend and we still enjoyed the water and company of good friends celebrating this beautiful country of ours and then weekend of great tunes dropped by Triple J in their hottest 100. 

Happy Days x

1st January 2018


The team at Oarsome Hobbies wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2018 bring you even more happiness, success and joy then the year previously. We are hitting the beach all summer so make sure you come down and say hello. 

Take care and Peace out x 

26th November 2017


Today we had the gorgeous media personality/radio host Nikki Parkinson join us down on the water, to do a video promotion on both the beautiful location we set up at, Shoalwater Marine Park and the benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding with, yours one and only, Oarsome Hobbies. We were lucky enough to have the morning be blessed by perfect fair-weather SUPers preferred conditions and alongside getting SUP enthusiasts (beginner to advanced) hires out on the water, we managed to score some excellent footage and of course Miss Parkinson tried her hand at SUP for the first time. Pulling of some newbie tricks, we haven't seen before, she managed to stay aboard and get abs of steel..from all the laughing, whilst pulling off said tricks. It was such a fun day for all, including travellers from around Australia to locals trying out new experiences with us, we had a blast and know this summer has many new and exciting offerings in store to what we already have had the pleasure of having. 

So good! 

SUP Good! 

Enjoy and Peace Out, Crew x  

4 November 2017


So many exciting days are fast approaching Oarsome Hobbies... so many that we figured a newsletter was the best way of bringing the news to you! To get a seasonal newsletter emailed to you, flick us an email in the contact section or pm us on the Facebook page to be part of the subscription... we could pretend we are totes computer savvy but we aren't...we are way better out on the water, so at this stage we haven’t got a "SUBSCRIBE HERE" button - BUT we are trying to figure it out and will edit this when we do, but until then... flick us an email for direct newsletters. If you have a lazy ten mins to waste, whilst at work, then click on the tab that reads 'NEWS-LETTERS' and peruse through! (obvi only if you are at work because if you aren't working, I am sure you will be way too busy SUPing with us to be on the computer/phone ;)

 Enjoy and peace out, Crew x   

1st October 2017


Welcome! We are so excited to launch our website finally and have a gateway to the internet world, where we can offer you all the exciting news Oarsome Hobbies has coming up and also give you a place to get all the info you need to make the right SUP choices, for yourself. Please peruse through our website, subscribe to our "once in a blue moon" newsletter, find links to our Social Media pages, check out our photos and videos and of course book your board today! Also we would love to here your thoughts on the website. Flick us an email please and let us know what you think or what more you would want to see!!! Find link in "Contact Us"  

Enjoy and Peace Out, Crew x

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